The Most Unique Visual travel record, scratch off map of the world

The Chalk Scratch Map


The black shiny surface of the globe draws you in like a deep ocean and the curiosity of what lies beneath. The world’s countries are etched out in delicate white outline with a matte black foil to scratch off where you have been. The names of the countries are highlighted in orange and a numbered index to check off your travel destinations, in categories of Europe, Asia, Americas and Africa, lines the bottom of the map. Icon images across named oceans and seas, draw you into adventures and tempt you to see and do amazing things with this most unique visual travel record.


From numbered exotic islands to numbered States of the USA  the Chalk Scratch Map has a great deal of information laid out for you and plenty more to uncover when you scratch off the foil layer bringing color and a record to the otherwise plain black map waiting for you to bring to life the journey you have traveled.


The uniqueness of this map given it is a visual record and not just a world map, does not end there, in fact the whole of your personalized travel and future travel has been considered on top of it being an excellent planner as a continuum of all your trips, holidays, and adventures. The chalk scratch map comes with a white liquid chalk pen to doodle and make notes on your map, be it intended routes or places you must see and things to do. The beauty of this is that you can wipe off if plans change or if the trip is over and you want to start making plans again. The map that makes a perfect gift this year, could become the perfect gadget to persuade them much needed breaks from busy lives, and a gift that can last a life time. Made from strong durable gloss paper, the poster map looks great on the wall and is your assistant to great planning and recording your travels. Presented to you in a striking black and orange tube to complement the world map.


Make life easy, and make time to see the world with the unique chalk map

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