IB Publisuites indis Summer in Fuerteventura

It could be said that it is summer all year round in Fuerteventura. The sun shines practically every day, including those in the middle of winter, since on this island where the king is the wind, there are always mild temperatures that allow to enjoy the charms of the summer season 12 months of the year without exception. There are obviously days when the heavens shine with clouds and in which, even, rains and storms occur, but they are not very common.

The summer season – or the eternal spring, as some call it – of Fuerteventura is precisely one of the main attractions of the island, which draws in visitors all year round, not suffering from the seasonality like some other destinations, like the Balearic Islands or the Levant.

However, the weather is frequently consulted among those who come to the island. It is especially important for windsurfing fans, one of the most popular in this area, as the wind is vital when choosing one beach or another. Generally, the north is the most suited to those who come to Fuerteventura looking to sail the waves of the Atlantic, especially the beaches near the town of Corralejo.

This wind that reaches and sweeps over Fuerteventura sometimes with remarkable intensity usually comes from the Western Sahara, being – therefore – a warm wind that helps to keep the temperatures always mild and pleasant, with the  annual average hovering around 21 degrees, then increasing to 25 during the months of June, July, August and September. The coldest months are usually January and February, but even so, the thermometer rarely drops below 18 degrees.

The changes of seasons are noticeable a little more in the temperature of the waters, with the waters around 22 degrees in September, meaning bathing is possible until well after the official summer has finished . In fact, in November it usually only drops 1 degree, as in December. In the coldest months it drops a little further but still the water is nice considering that we are talking about the Atlantic rather than the Mediterranean.

To check the weather there are numerous stations distributed throughout the different areas of the island. One of the most important is used by the Fuerteventura airport, along with those of Corralejo and the capital, Puerto del Rosario. They are also joined by Antigua, Tuineje and La Oliva.

It is best to check the wind forecast every day as it can change frequently but it is also true that the weekly forecasts are usually spot on, with very few changes.

The north is the area where the winds are more variable, therefore the coastline is full of hotels designed for sportsmen and lovers of windsurfing, nature and relaxation: adult only hotels, health and wellness hotels, agrotourism and Rural houses…

The southernmost areas, such as Costa Calma, Esquinzo or Playa Jandía are the warmest all year round. On cloudy days here the sun always shines, the sea waters are more temperate and the beaches are longer with less waves. This is why the peninsula of Jandia is considered a great destination for families and that is precisely where the best hotels for children on the island are concentrated.

Among the most specialised accommodation in the north we find the Barceló Corralejo, the ideal place to go with friends or as a couple. In the south, the most recommended are those of the IBEROSTAR Hotels & Resorts chain, namely the IBEROSTAR Playa Gaviotas and its twin IBEROSTAR Playa Gaviotas Park and the IBEROSTAR Fuerteventura Palace. All of them have official websites with direct sales and very competitive offers that are sometimes better than you will find on platforms like booking.com

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