How To Plan A Trip Of A Lifetime

Before you start planning your trip of a lifetime, there are a few pointers that you may want to consider to ensure it actually happens this time , and that your inner nature and enjoyment is fulfilled. We spend so much time planning in our heads and the thoughts are then lost even when our inner compass is screaming out to enjoy our own life experience. Also it is human nature to control another and sometimes this stops us in our tracks.

Point 1 would therefore be to decide if you are travelling with people who are like minded. There would be no lifetime fulfillment if you travel half way around the world to a tropical paradise to experience diving, if the person you are with, does not like getting water in their ears or only eat fish on a Friday, fish being the main food source. Sometimes traveling alone can be very liberating and satisfying, to know you can do it, without help, or interference, a sense of freedom, that satisfies you, like you can choose to speak to a person or not, get up early for a walk or stay in bed till lunch. No one to judge.

Point 2 would be to get an extra large scratch map of the world, because it is big and bold and beautiful just like you and with the places and experiences you will have on your trip of a lifetime. It is time to live your life no matter what your age and a trip of a lifetime is stretched out in front of you. So how will this intrinsic motivational scratch map of the world help you not only as a visual reminder but as a trip of a lifetime planner and to satisfy your inner most longings?

The Scratch Map XL Edition

Stretched out before you is the AO size white gloss laminate scaled map of the world to be discovered in your own personal way draws you into the vastness of opportunity to explore and enjoy the senses of life. A dominant attractive poster to motivate and plan your trip of a lifetime on. The gold foiled countries carry their mysteries yet to be uncovered by you. In each of those countries lies a place and a passion for you to explore and planning is a massive part of the fun as well as recording your eventual journey. Whether it be a walk in the clouds in smokey mountain with black bears or ride a camel in the Gobi desert, nature provides us with all our needs and the map will help you navigate and plan and record your trip of a lifetime.

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