Shopping in Dubai

Shopping in Dubai

Going shopping in Dubai is something you categorically have to do if you travel to this incredible city. Throughout your wanderings, you will discover the huge contrast of this city, not only because of its impressive neighbourhoods of buildings and infinite skyscrapers and its forgotten streets but also because, in just a short walk, you can visit some of the most impressive and exclusive shopping centres in the world along with the typical traditional souks.

Haggle, compare, discover and learn about new textures, aromas and flavours…You will get to do all this if you decide to put aside a bit of time on your holiday to go on a shopping trip around all the shops, shopping centres and the most symbolic souks in the capital. Lights, colours and lots of hustle and bustle will accompany you through the streets and boutiques as going shopping in Dubai is a ritual for many locals, and, of course, many visitors.

There are few ways to get to know a destination than to immerse yourself in the markets and both small shops that have been there for a lifetime and new boutiques. Plus, you can feel right at home with some authentic gems: unique everyday or handmade objects; fabric, paintings, accessories and pieces of jewellery that have the ability to surprise anyone.

The Gold Souk is precisely one of the most important places to visit as it consists of the best shops for buying jewellery in Dubai. In total, there are about 300 companies offering unique gold pieces at unbelievable prices. The gold in Dubai is something that is talked about every day, as you will see that the Gold Souk is always busy and full of people all over the place.

Yes, Dubai is excessive, gigantic and impressive in all areas. Given this, as well as a zone especially dedicated to gold, the destination also boasts the biggest shopping centre in the world. There is no comparison.  This shopping centre is called Dubai Mall and in this you will find things that cannot be found in any other place.

Following on, we cannot forget to mention the ultra-famous Spice Souk which is also one of the most unique and once-in-a-lifetime souks to visit being that it is the oldest in Dubai and is home to the greatest possible blend of smells and flavours. This is, without a doubt, the best place to bring back home a piece of the city.

On the subject of souks, do not forget to visit that of Bur Dubai, located in the city zone of the same name, which is dedicated to clothes and fabric of all different colours. Here, you can find interesting fabric with which you make all kinds of garments, curtains, table linens and upholstery for your home. This is one of the most varied souks and, even though the fabric is its main attraction, there are also many keepsakes and small local handmade pieces.

In order to feel at home when doing a leisurely spot of shopping, the shopping centre that is most similar to ones found in Europe is Ibn Battuta, named in honour of one of the most important Arab travellers in history. The interior decor reflects many of the journeys carried out by the explorer from the cinemas to the shops and more than 50 themed restaurants.

  If you want to walk easily around these interesting shopping hotspots, we recommend you stay in areas within the city’s centre. The ones with the best quality to price ratio are the 4 star hotels in Bur Dubai centre  (Arabian Courtyard Hotel & Spa, Ascot Hotel, Mövenpick Hotel & Apartments Bur Dubai…) Remember that if you are looking for a hotel room resort in Bur Dubai, you can head directly to the official sites of the hotels that interest you most: they always offer promotions with lower prices than those offered by third parties.