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Komodo on a Liveaboard Diving Trip

Unarguably, few places in the world can rival Indonesia’s richness. In fact, its incredible 70,000 islands mean no other nation on earth surpasses her. Situated right in the coral triangle, Indonesia has an unequaled diversity and is the home to an astonishing 10 to 15% of the world’s coral reefs and 25% of fish species. Indonesia is brimming with life and it’s easy to admit that some of the world’s first class dive sites are situated in this naturally blessed country.

Taking into account the size of the country it’s so easy to get lost in its regions. The most prominent area and perfect place for diving is Komodo National Park. Many diving enthusiasts choose Komodo Liveaboards to explore diverse and abundant marine life the park has to offer.

Northern part of Komodo National Park and its diving features

The water in the northern part of Komodo National Park is warm and clear, and its marine life is similar to the one that can be found in most tropical seas. The hard and soft coral reefs in this part of the park are incredibly beautiful, rich and provide an exceptional angle for photography opportunities. Without a doubt, you would be delighted by the ever-available scene of schools of Wrasses, Anthias, the magnificent Angel Fish as well as the larger predators such as Giant Trevally and Reef Shark. This exquisite part of the park with an average water temperature of 27-28-degree C is a haven for divers because it conditions support year-round diving. Meanwhile, April to December has been adjudged to be the best season for diving in the North.

Southern part of Komodo National Park and its diving features

Right from the Pink Beach (Pantai Merah) down to the south, one move into the cool rich water gushing out of the depths of Indian Ocean. The upsurge, which is as a result of the Ocean currents bumping into the continental shelf results in an explosion of marine life and force a limitless supply of planktonic food to the area.  In the south, the reefs are vibrant in soft coral life, fans, and large branching corals.

The marine life in this part of the park is astounding and loved by photographers and experienced divers throughout the year. Here, you can witness so much especially invertebrates. There is the pygmy seahorse, nudibranchs, frogfish, torpedo rays, holothurians, and needless to say, the larger filter feeders: Manta rays.

The best season to dive in the south is from October through to April as there is usually a warmer clearer water flooding the sites. At the same time the best season to encounter Manta Rays is December – February.

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There are many liveboards offering diving vacations in the area. You may choose to go on a long trip that includes visiting other regions, or grab your space on a short trip that lasts up to 5 days. There are liveaboards for every pocket. Here is our tailor-made list of high rated liveaboards in each segment:

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Courtesy of Divebooker “Best dive sites in Komodo North and South

The Most Unique Visual travel record, scratch off map of the world

The Chalk Scratch Map


The black shiny surface of the globe draws you in like a deep ocean and the curiosity of what lies beneath. The world’s countries are etched out in delicate white outline with a matte black foil to scratch off where you have been. The names of the countries are highlighted in orange and a numbered index to check off your travel destinations, in categories of Europe, Asia, Americas and Africa, lines the bottom of the map. Icon images across named oceans and seas, draw you into adventures and tempt you to see and do amazing things with this most unique visual travel record.


From numbered exotic islands to numbered States of the USA  the Chalk Scratch Map has a great deal of information laid out for you and plenty more to uncover when you scratch off the foil layer bringing color and a record to the otherwise plain black map waiting for you to bring to life the journey you have traveled.


The uniqueness of this map given it is a visual record and not just a world map, does not end there, in fact the whole of your personalized travel and future travel has been considered on top of it being an excellent planner as a continuum of all your trips, holidays, and adventures. The chalk scratch map comes with a white liquid chalk pen to doodle and make notes on your map, be it intended routes or places you must see and things to do. The beauty of this is that you can wipe off if plans change or if the trip is over and you want to start making plans again. The map that makes a perfect gift this year, could become the perfect gadget to persuade them much needed breaks from busy lives, and a gift that can last a life time. Made from strong durable gloss paper, the poster map looks great on the wall and is your assistant to great planning and recording your travels. Presented to you in a striking black and orange tube to complement the world map.


Make life easy, and make time to see the world with the unique chalk map

How To Plan A Trip Of A Lifetime

Before you start planning your trip of a lifetime, there are a few pointers that you may want to consider to ensure it actually happens this time , and that your inner nature and enjoyment is fulfilled. We spend so much time planning in our heads and the thoughts are then lost even when our inner compass is screaming out to enjoy our own life experience. Also it is human nature to control another and sometimes this stops us in our tracks.

Point 1 would therefore be to decide if you are travelling with people who are like minded. There would be no lifetime fulfillment if you travel half way around the world to a tropical paradise to experience diving, if the person you are with, does not like getting water in their ears or only eat fish on a Friday, fish being the main food source. Sometimes traveling alone can be very liberating and satisfying, to know you can do it, without help, or interference, a sense of freedom, that satisfies you, like you can choose to speak to a person or not, get up early for a walk or stay in bed till lunch. No one to judge.

Point 2 would be to get an extra large scratch map of the world, because it is big and bold and beautiful just like you and with the places and experiences you will have on your trip of a lifetime. It is time to live your life no matter what your age and a trip of a lifetime is stretched out in front of you. So how will this intrinsic motivational scratch map of the world help you not only as a visual reminder but as a trip of a lifetime planner and to satisfy your inner most longings?

The Scratch Map XL Edition

Stretched out before you is the AO size white gloss laminate scaled map of the world to be discovered in your own personal way draws you into the vastness of opportunity to explore and enjoy the senses of life. A dominant attractive poster to motivate and plan your trip of a lifetime on. The gold foiled countries carry their mysteries yet to be uncovered by you. In each of those countries lies a place and a passion for you to explore and planning is a massive part of the fun as well as recording your eventual journey. Whether it be a walk in the clouds in smokey mountain with black bears or ride a camel in the Gobi desert, nature provides us with all our needs and the map will help you navigate and plan and record your trip of a lifetime.