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Traveling by Car, How to Lessen Your Risk of a Accident

Summertime means travel time for most people. Whether you are skipping out of town for the weekend or taking two weeks off from work, chances are you will be doing plenty of traveling over the summer. While some travel might be by air most people will be driving by automobile. Did you know that you can drastically lessen your risk of a car accident by wearing sunglasses? We all ready know the importance of wearing sunglasses on a sunny day but did you know that wearing sunglasses can help you to navigate during a rainstorm as well? According to an automobile article, wearing sunglasses during a rainy day can help to increase your visibility by preventing the light, that hits reflective surfaces, from scattering. Don’t head out to purchase those new sunglasses just yet. In order to work correctly the sunglasses have to be polarized. Sunglasses that are polarized are the only ones that will work to prevent light scatter. According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, it is vital that you protect your eyes from the sun’s ultra violet rays. Sun light can cause glare and reflections while driving which could temporary impair your vision and could potential lead to an automobile accident.

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Almeria: a destination ready to be discovered

Almeria is one of the most plentiful and least exploited corners of southern Spain. Not just because of its contrasting landscapes but also for its incredible beaches, delicious cuisine, heritage and history. Sharing the lively ambiance of basically any area in Andalusia but with many aspects of heritage and history still celebrated by its locals, Almeria is one of the best places for all kinds of experiences.

The privileged location of Andalusia offers all the charm of the Mediterranean, with extensive waves of incredible scenery that transform with the sunlight and boast pinewood areas, orchards, forests and villages that appear forgotten in time, alongside areas for hiking and practicing all kinds of sport in the open air; from jogging to windsurfing.

The province is surrounded by the Gador mountain range, the Alhamilla natural area, the Andarax river valley and, of course, Níjar, found in the Cabo de Gata Natural Park, in the southern area of the province with hidden coves and salt water springs; perfect for picture-perfect moments.

The capital, Almeria is one of the most colourful and lively areas of Andalusia. Amongst all the best museums, the one in Almeria offers some of the best prehistoric archaeological objects in the province. Also worth a visit is the Andalusian Centre of Photography as well as the Movie House where John Lennon fans can enjoy some of the musician’s past relics that have graced this land. Right in the city centre, next to the cathedral, you will discover the Guitar Museum and the Club de Mar where the Faluca is displayed, a replica of the boat from the 10th and 14th centuries.

In terms of theatre, Cervantes, Apollo and the Maestro Padilla Auditorium are amongst the most beautiful, architecturally-speaking, and are the most-visited in Almeria. To see the city in all its splendor, the best time is the last week of August when the most historical festivity is celebrated: the festival of the Virgen del Mar.

In the Cabo de Gata zone, culture is swapped with stunning nature. Here, visitors can appreciate the beautiful landscapes encased by the sea and terrain. The sunlight and games played on this terrain have converted it into a unique place, captivating thousands of visitors throughout history. Its excellent transport networks and tourist services of its outskirts have turned it into a recommendable destination, especially for those travelling with children or friends. Hotels in Retamar and El Toyo are the most popular to stay at and they offer very competitive rates.

In Almeria don’t miss out on:

  • The evening of San Juan, with many bonfires and dancing on the beaches till the sun comes up.
  • Sceneries for one of the most worldwide famous spaghetti westerns and the Movie House.
  • The Alcazaba, a fortress of arab origin which, to this day, still shows perfectly what life was like during this muslim period.
  • Hayrán’s Wall, one of the most spectacular historical monuments in all of Spain.
  • The Cabo de Gata Lighthouse, surrounding which you will discover lots of beautiful cliffs and small coves that boast crystal-clear waters.
  • The Almeria promenade which is the best place for relaxing on the terraces and enjoying a tapas or an afternoon coffee.

When it comes to choosing a hotel, the best are located in the south, in the zone of Níjar, like the Cabogata Garden Hotel & Spa and the Cabogata Mar Garden Hotel & Spa, which can both be found in El Toyo, at the doors of the Natural Park. Also, there is Almeria city centre if you wish to visit a quiet city, with reasonably-priced hotels and hostels with great services. We recommend you hire a car or travel with your own if you are hoping to really immerse yourself in the destination’s charm. Andalusia’s or Almeria’s official tourism websites offer more detailed information on useful questions and experiences.